Letter of Undertaking

Letter of Undertaking

By confirmation of this form and letter of undertaking, the holder of this card, who has made payment for services provided by AK-KA İNŞAAT TURİZM TİC.A.Ş.-ANTEDON HOTEL-ALİNDA HOTEL-CLAROS HOTEL-LUSH HOTEL, agrees and declares that he/she has purchased on his/her own behalf or on behalf of the person and/or company stated in information provided in card owner profile info and payment form pages the contracted group accommodation service or services arising from every kind of commercial relations of our company from person or persons that will provide accommodation; that he/she has made the payment and that he/she approves all terms and conditions included in this letter of undertaking.

Service Contract

  • General Conditions of Reservation : :

    In online reservation menu, the rooms you select are reserved for you over the indicated price. your reservation is guaranteed when the payment is made to the hotel. The reservations without payment grant the hotel the right of cancellation. Option period for cancellation is 7 days. If the cancelled room was sold to another customer, no right of repayment is granted to the holder of reservation.

  • Guarantee Reservation - Payments:

    In order to guarantee the reservation, the total price of reservation should be made by means of one of the following payment methods.

  • Other - Payments:

    In order to collect return of contracted group accommodation service or current transactions composed of every kind of commercial relations of the company, whole amount should be collected by means of one of the following payment methods (as stated in the agreement, if available).

  • Payment Methods; Credit Card :

    During payment process, you can make the reservation payment by entering your credit card. You can make payments in instalments by credit cards of Turkish banks stated in payment menu.

    Mail Order - Bank Transfer:

    In order to make payments by mail order to bank transfer, please contact with bildirim@akkaodeme.com.

  • Reservation - Cancellations:

    The process, applied for reservations cancelled before entrance date varies according to the payment type of purchased room. Payment types;

    • Prepaid reservation
    • Flexible price advantage

  • Pre-paid reservation Conditions and terms of reservation payment:

    Ödeme; In order for confirmation of reservation, total payment amount should be paid at the date of reservation on www.akkaodeme.com
    Flexible price advantage Conditions and terms of reservation payment: In order for confirmation of reservation, total payment amount should be paid until three days before the entrance date on www.akkaodeme.com

    Late cancellation fee;
    • No fee is taken for cancellation to be made until three days before the entrance date
    • In cancellations to be made after that date or non-use of the reservation, price of the first night is collected. The remaining paid amount is returned to the owner of card
    • No change can be made after the date of entrance.
  • Other Payments - Cancellations:

    Conditions of collections related to return of contracted group accommodation service or current transactions composed of every kind of commercial relations of company are determined as indicated in the agreement if available; if not, they are determined by mutual agreement.

  • Cancellation Cost:

    In all cancellations, bank fees are borne by the card owner making the payment. Return of payments made by credit card and in instalment is made within the framework of return conditions of banks, if such return is approved by the hotel.

  • General Rules :

    AKKA Hotels provide service in all inclusive or ultra all inclusive concepts according to the period as stated in the website. In contracted group accommodation services, the concept included in the contract is valid. Content of the concept is available in our web page. Your expenses which are not included in all inclusive or ultra all inclusive concepts are recorded in your room account and it is obligatory to pay for such expenses before check-out.
    On date of check-in, entrance time: 14:00; on date of check out, leaving time: 12:00. Please mention your demand for early entrance during reservation process. For your demands related to leaving your room or hotel after 12:00, please contact with the reception. Early entrance and late leaving are subject to extra fee for each person.
    Hotel and reservation owner can make contract on different conditions mutually and in written. For conditions stated in this additional contract, the new contract is deemed valid. For articles which are not mentioned in the additional contract, this agreement (terms and conditions of reservation) is deemed valid. Terms and conditions of reservation are updated from time to time. The version included in www.akkahotels.com is the most current and valid one.

  • Confidentiality and Security Policy :

    www.akkaodeme.com has been structured by the latest technology in order to provide 24-hour service for you. Security of our site is provided by Comodo SSL, the world-renowned web security institution..

  • Our site has COMODO 125 Bit SSL (*) Certificate.
    (*) SSL enables decoding of the transferred data in the exact and accurate address.
    The data is automatically enciphered before it is sent and can be decoded only by accurate receiver. By means of validation on both sides, confidentiality and entirety of transaction and data are preserved. Power of codifying method used in data flow depends upon key length. Key length is very important for protection of information.
    In SSL protocol, 40 bit and 128 bit codification are used. In 128 bit codification, 2.128 different keys are available and decoding such kind of a code requires too much time and it is highly costly.

Data Security

www.akkaodeme.com, www.akkahotels.com, preserve all delicate and personal data collected from the users in the highest electronic and physical security standards; they can only be used within current TR laws and international laws by means of a system to which the access is possible by confirmation of the authorised personnel and the user in obligatory circumstances. www.akkaodeme.com, www.akkahotels.com, undertake and guarantee that they shall not disclose the delicate and personal information, collected from the users, before any party and by any reason; shall not share such information with third parties and shall not misuse them under any condition, without confirmation of the user.
Information such as name-surname, address, telephone, etc. are requested in order to carry out the services we provide for you in an accurate and timely manner.

Security Policy

www.akkaodeme.com, www.akkahotels.com are valid in all sites with URL. If you see logo of Akka Hotels in a site, that does not mean that such security rules are available in that site. You have to check URL and be sure that such page belongs to Akka Hotels. There may be people who intend to use our logo without permission and in bad faith. In such kind of cases, please contact with us: ; bildirim@akkaodeme.com